Over time core business logic of an application becomes tightly coupled with various libraries, frameworks and technologies making it harder to evolve and test. It becomes challenging for long lasting product that needs to keep up with changing customer needs and evolution of technology.  Ports and Adapters Architecture (Alistair Cockburn), also known as Hexagonal and Plug-in architecture, can help by Continue reading

Tech companies are shifting more towards machine learning or AI-first strategy. What does that mean to them? What does that mean to us? Growing number of aging population and shrinking funding are putting enormous pressure to the overall healthcare system for keeping up with the desired quality of care with limited resources. Thus, there is an increasing focus on machine learning capabilities for just-in-time alerts to predict various future events so that undesirable incidents can be reduced by giving attention to the right people at the right time. This talk explores the underlying framework behind such capabilities, various strategies for a resilient system, and the role of a machine learning platform. Continue reading