Visual Agile Language or Visual AGILExicon© is a collection of icons and pictures that represents most of the Agile/Scrum concepts and activities. Each of these images explains the relevant concept or activity in great clarity. This collection is a great resource for preparing training and process related presentations for both new and experienced teams. Visual AGILExicon© is developed by Kenny Rubin from Innolution. The license to use this collection can be obtained at no cost from Innolution site for using in training and forum presentations. As part of the license agreement, it’s a requirement to include one slide in the presentation that provides appropriate attribution. The collection can be browsed from here.

The availability of canvas in HTML5 enabled the development of visualisation libraries for rendering charts/graphs in native html without any plug-in dependencies (e.g., Flash, Silverlight, Java Applet etc.). Among the freely available libraries, both jqPlot and RGraph are very comprehensive and intuitive to use. jqPlot is basically a jQuery plug-in that renders charts based on JSON data and has support for most of the basic charts. On the other hand, RGraph has support for some planning and management charts including Funnel charts, Gantt charts, Waterfall charts, Rose charts etc.