Test Driven Development (TDD) and Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) are the most widely used technical practices in agile software development. These practices are not complete alternative to each other and the way these drive development is different. Depending on the development scenarios, either one of these or both might be useful. A clear understanding of the appropriate context of these practices will be useful for setting up the right development process. Continue reading

The goal of a video analytics system or application is to generate insights from an observed video stream. In a video analytics system, a continuous stream of video frames is the input which might be originated from various sources, e.g., web cam, mobile camera, Kinect sensor, security camera, video file etc. The output could be one or more video frames per input frame or some data representing insights or perception of the observed scene. Depending on the application, the output video frames might be annotated. For instance, in a face detection application (typically available in cameras), detected faces are highlighted with rectangle; in an object detection system (surveillance applications), moving objects are highlighted and might be annotated with object class such as person, group, car etc.  Continue reading

This Android app was developed as an example to show how hybrid apps can be developed using web technologies. The app was developed using HTML5 and various Java Script libraries based on the PhoneGAP shell for Android. This single screen app shows the current weather condition with five-day forecast. Several APIs were used to make this app functional: Cordova to obtain the current location from the device, Google API to obtain current address based on location, jQuery AJAX for retrieving weather JSON from a web service, jQuery mobile for the UI framework, and RGraph for drawing the HTML5 chart to display the weather trend.

Complete source code of the app is available on GitHub under MIT license.