Book Insights: The Courage to be Disliked

Aren’t all successful people happy as they have a strong sense of accomplishment and fulfilment? It depends on what success means to us, particularly, when the meaning of success is linked to the affirmation from others about our abilities.

This worry about others’ approval could make us overly self-obsessive. We might become workaholic. Moreover, put work above family and friends to get attention in our community.

Furthermore, it could lead us into a competition. Also, we relentlessly focus on the next success. We might event end-up in self-hatred on perceived imperfection within us. Eventually, we lose our authenticity and freedom.

What are the ways of being productive and happy together? In the book, “The Courage to be Disliked,” Ichiro and Fumitakethe suggested changing the direction of our thinking:

  • Worrying less about others’ approval: We can accept freedom by worrying less about others’ approval and not being selfishly self-obsessed.
  • Showing courage to be our authentic self: Then we can show our courage to do whatever we want and being our authentic self. For this, we will need to accept uncertainties, failures, and imperfection within us.
  • Connecting with others with empathy: Finally, concerning others, we can connect with them more meaningfully by showing compassion instead of placing ourselves at the center of everything.