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Team Building and Leadership

Appreciation for Invisible Efforts

Usually, we relate appreciation and recognition to achievements and deliverables only. Very often we ignore the effort and hard work put by a team or an individual when the result is not there yet.

Sometimes, we are also ignorant about individual circumstances and their invisible efforts. We assume individuals are motivated with “if you don’t hear from me, you are doing a great job.” Also, sometimes, when we acknowledge the effort, it does not seem authentic; it feels disconnected, generic, routine or fake.

We can do much better than this. But, how do you know about the invisible efforts, particularly, in this remote working environment when we don’t see each other in the physical space?

Staying connected with your team’s goals and activities is the starting point. Also, be fully aware of the various challenges the team is facing on a daily basis.

Then stay connected with individual circumstances. Apart from scheduled 1-on-1 conversations, have frequent mico-conversations and touchpoints with the team and individuals to know how they are tackling various challenges. And don’t hold back to express your sincere appreciation for great efforts in the right direction.

By taking these small actions you can create an environment where everyone feels that both their efforts and achievements are noticed. As a result, no great effort remains invisible and unappreciated. We get the best out of everyone and have an inspiring and safe work environment.