Team Building and Leadership

Culture for Innovation

Building a culture for innovation involves developing the ability to see things that don’t exist yet, navigating to an unknown destination, experimenting and learning, and having a fulfilling journey of making something new.

The purpose of building such a culture is not about having a brilliant moment or a single great idea. It’s about creating a sustainable system that can generate lots of ideas, learn from both feedback and failures and make the right choices to move forward.

How can we build such a system that can unleash creativity and innovation? Observing the interactions among various teams can give us initial insights. To accelerate learning and experimentation, we may need to have new ways of interaction among these teams by breaking any silos and aligning the collective energy. This will encourage building trust and change in behaviour.

Regarding decision making, instead of having a top-down approach, building ownership in teams and enabling them to see what’s working and what’s not and act accordingly. Finally, building organizational habits of sharing and receiving feedback, and improving the system continuously.