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Team Building and Leadership

My Clones

Often new leaders view their team members through the lens of their self-image and tend to develop them as clones of themselves. While this approach has a good intention to set the expectation for high standards and performance, we might not get the desired outcome in the long run.

From the perspective of team members, they always get feedback about shortcomings and improvement areas. Their other valuable skills and capabilities are not noticed and acknowledged. As a result, these team members don’t feel valued, respected, and recognized. And at some point, they might decide to leave the organisation despite having great potential to serve their current team and the broader organisation.

Apart from setting high expectations for some specific areas, a leader can take a broader perspective on knowing and developing the team members. By being more curious about the team members and making deeper connections with them. Understanding more about their experiences, passions, and aspirations. Understanding and accepting the fact that having team members of diverse backgrounds, skills, and potentials can make the team more resilient and adaptable to changing landscape.

Better awareness and acknowledgement of the team members can help leaders to tap into new opportunities for the teams and individual members, and uplift team morale and engagement.